Geomarketing for the franchise industry

We provide the franchisor and the franchisee with a comprehensive report about a specific location

We supply 50+ franchisors in all the USA and worldwide

Your geomarketing report contains:

- Population data

- Household data

- Income data

- Housing data

- Competition data

What kind of geomarketing report do you offer? Why do I need one?

In a highly competitive franchise sector, it is very important to have all the necessary information before making any decision.

  • As a franchisor, our reports will help you choose the best place to look for a franchisee, knowing that he will have all chances to succeed. We can help you rank states, counties, cities or zip codes so you can concentrate your efforts on those with more potential.

  • As a future franchisee, be sure that your efforts won't be worthless and that the location you want to invest in has all the potential required.

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