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Market research and Geomarketing

Business creators / Franchise networks / VSEs / SMEs

Sécurisez votre projet de création d'entreprise

Nous vous aidons à estimer votre chiffre d'affaires prévisionnel, à valider votre local et à convaincre votre banque.

Nous réalisons l'étude qui analysera de votre zone de chalandise, étudiera vos concurrents et établira des prévisions de chiffre d'affaires

Franchiseur: tous vos

besoins géomarketing à

une seule adresse

Soyez sûr d'être en conformité avec la loi Doubin et réalisez vos EGM et vos ELM en apportant une réelle valeur ajoutée à vos franchisés

Describe the study you need:

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They trust us:

Why consult us?


- Do you want to create or develop your business ?
- Are you launching a new product?
- Are you a franchisor / franchisee?
- Are you targeting a new market?
- Do you plan to launch your franchise in a foreign country?
- Do you need a General Market Report (EGM) or a Local Market Report (ELM) for your french opening?


We have developed a range of marketing services specially designed for creators and future entrepreneurs, project leaders and managers of VSEs / SMEs.

What we do:

We offer you tailor-made support, personalized and adapted to YOUR PROJECT:


  •   Study as part of a business creation

  •   Study in the context of a franchise business creation

  •   Business plan / Forecast

  •   EGM: General Market Report (DIP) for franchisor

  •   ELM: Local Market State (DIP) for franchisor

  •   Catchment area study (local market state for franchisees)

  •   Local market research

  •   Implementation study

  •   Sector study

  •   Study of a foreign market (Europe, Africa, Asia, America)

  •   Economic feasibility study

  •   Territorial marketing study

  •   Trade flow study

PF marketing-01.png

"With my team of marketing and geomarketing experts, I created a range of services adapted to all projects. Since 2009, several hundred companies have placed their trust in us. We take the same care in the services provided for creators companies than those intended for very large companies. "


Pierre Fleury,


- Chairman of the studies committee of the Federation of European Partnership and Franchise Networks (IREF),

- Chairman of PFMarketing.

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