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frequently asked Questions


Who are we? is the French-speaking specialist in franchise market research and geomarketing. The tools developed allow the franchise candidate, the franchisor, but also the independent business creator to benefit from the most modern and precise methods in terms of marketing study. You will see it: the prices are adapted but the services are the same as those offered to large companies with the same watchwords: confidentiality, speed, efficiency!


What is market research for?

The market research has a double objective:

- She answers your questions: at what price to sell? to whom to sell? which product to launch? when to launch it? How? 'Or' What? What communication campaign should we plan?

- It is also proof, for your partners and funders, of the seriousness of your project. It shows that your project is successful and that it is based on serious and proven arguments.


How much does market research cost?

Market research is generally expensive, which is why the PFmarketing agency develops a range of services whose price varies.  from € 600 to € 2000 so that they are accessible to business creators.


What is the quality of your studies?

Our studies are carried out by market research professionals, the preparatory phase of the study, called "framing" is carried out with your collaboration so that the answers provided by the study are those you expected.



What are our guarantees?

Professional graduates and very experienced in the field of marketing studies, we provide a concrete solution to your market research needs. We provide advice, support and support throughout your project. We offer a range of services and prices specially designed for business creators, very small businesses and students because we know that market research is often a complex and fuzzy step and that it is difficult to find a way efficient, economical and quick to complete it.

Thus, with us, you will be able to obtain an "à la carte" service according to your budget and your project. We will offer you one or more quotes and you will be informed, throughout the realization, of the progress of your study. you will receive your study in paper format (bound file on request) or a PDF version by email. This study will answer your questions and will be a real management tool for your project. For banks, investors, your suppliers, your customers: Your market research carried out with PFmarketing will be proof of the seriousness of your project!

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